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BTL Vanquish

BTL Vanquish Treatment Specialist in Cleveland, OH

Our innovative BTL vanquish treatment removes your excess fat and cellulite. It’s time to trim and tone your body for summer and the Wellness Center of Greater Cleveland can help you! Contact us today for more information or book an appointment online. We are accepting new patients in Cleveland, OH and surrounding areas!

BTL Vanquish Treatment Specialist Near Me in Cleveland, OH
BTL Vanquish Treatment Specialist Near Me in Cleveland, OH

Table of Contents:

How many vanquish treatments are needed?
How long does it take to see results from vanquish?
How do you get the best results with vanquish?
How much does BTL vanquish cost?
Do you offer BTL vanquish treatments in Cleveland, OH?

Body contouring sounds way more complicated than it actually is if you opt for BTL Vanquish treatment! The technology offers contactless fat cell reduction so it’s very safe for patients, and there are lots of other great benefits too. At Wellness Center of Greater Cleveland, we’re hoping you’ll become our next patient, so contact us today if you’d like to learn everything we can tell you about BTL Vanquish treatments in North Olmsted, OH!

How many vanquish treatments are needed?

Because BTL Vanquish treatment is noninvasive with no anesthesia, there is no downtime after a treatment. It can be done during a lunch break from work, in fact! After treatment, patients are able to get right back to their lives and come in for another treatment after only a week.

In your initial visit with us at our clinic, one of our BTL Vanquish providers will help you put together a treatment plan. You can expect to have about 4 treatments scheduled around 1 week apart, but you may have specific needs and require a slightly different schedule.

How long does it take to see results from BTL Vanquish?

A single treatment session for a patient’s abdomen takes only about 45 minutes. Thighs take about 30 minutes. Results aren’t immediately noticeable after treatment because it takes a bit of time for the body to naturally eliminate the fat cells that were disrupted by the procedure.

As soon as after 2 weeks, patients have reported results, and after a total of about 4 weeks, patients get the best results. Of course, results vary from patient to patient, but you can expect them after your treatments are done!

How do you get the best results with BTL Vanquish?

The kind of results you can expect are a significant reduction in the circumference of your abdomen, saddlebags, and/or thighs, depending on where you get the treatment done. The extent of this reduction can depend on different factors such as your BMI. However, the BTL Vanquish treatment isn’t limited to a BMI under 30, so even if yours is higher than that, you can still benefit from treatment. Usually, 4 treatments are all that’s necessary for a patient!

Remember, it will take a bit of time for your body to dispose of the fat cells that were disrupted by the treatment. This means the best results will be noticeable after about 2 months in total. And once the fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good, so you won’t have to worry about them returning so long as you keep the weight off!

How much does BTL Vanquish cost?

The cost depends on the area or areas you’ll need to be treated as well as the number of treatments you’ll need. The provider of the treatment is also a factor in the cost. Here at Wellness Center of Greater Cleveland, our treatments are affordable for many patients and we can perform the treatments very efficiently and quickly for you. To find out what your treatments would cost you, get in touch with our clinic today.

Do you offer BTL Vanquish treatments in Cleveland, OH?

Yes, we do! Wellness Center of Greater Cleveland is located at 25111 Country Club Blvd Suite 235 North Olmsted, OH 44070, and you’ll be able to get BTL Vanquish here with us. To learn more about it, the results you can expect, and our pricing, get in touch with us today. You can call us at (440) 291-3397 or book a consultation with us online. We’d be happy to hear from you for any reason, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today! We serve clients from Cleveland OH, North Olmsted OH, Olmsted Falls OH, North Ridgeville OH, Bay Village OH, Lakewood OH, Berea OH, Brooklyn OH, and BEYOND.