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What Is the Recovery Time of PDO Threads Lift?

What Is the Recovery Time of PDO Threads Lift?

If you are looking for a natural way to lift and tighten your face and more youthful results with no downtime and minimal recovery time, than our PDO thread lift treatment will be beneficial to you. Please visit the Wellness Center of Greater Cleveland for more information. Contact us today or schedule an appointment online. Serving clients from Cleveland OH and surrounding areas!

What Is the Recovery Time of PDO Threads Lift Near Me in Cleveland, OH
What Is the Recovery Time of PDO Threads Lift Near Me in Cleveland, OH

Table of Contents:

Why choose PDO thread lift? 
What types of a thread lifts are there?
Some areas which can be treated PDO thread lift?
What is the recovery time of the treatment?

Why choose PDO thread lift?

Our med spa is proud to provide minimally invasive procedures like our PDO thread lift treatment. Our PDO thread lift uses dissolvable sutures to lift and tighten the facial skin, allowing you to lift your beautiful face without the need for plastic surgery which is an invasive technique that provides similar results to ours. With the PDO thread lift, this procedure has a shorter timeframe and is a less invasive matter.
PDO thread lift treatments use biodegradable sutures that break down within the body. These sutures rejuvenate the face and provide the facial skin with a naturally lifted look, providing youthful results.
Wellness Center of Greater Cleveland is proud to offer high-quality, non-surgical PDO thread lift treatments to our clients in the area.

What types of thread lift are there?

Three different main types of threads are often used in thread lifts. The most common, and thread we use for our thread lift treatment is polydioxanone, known as PDO. The other two threads include polylactic acid (PLA), and polycaprolactone (PCA). Polydioxanone threads have been around the longest, and are made up of synthetic biodegradable polymer; this synthetic thread has been used in surgery for many years.
PDO threads are absorbed into the body usually over 6 months or longer by hydrolysis which works by triggering fibroblasts to produce more collagen in the treated area.
Three types of PDO threads are commonly used in a PDO thread lift treatment, which are mono, cog, and screw threads.
1. Mono threads are smooth threads that do not use arbs and are anchored to a certain point on the face or scalp to lift the face.
2. Cog threads have barbs attached which look like hooks that hook onto the skin to provide support and lift the sagging skin’s tissue.
3. Screw threads have one or two intertwined threads around the needle and provide volume which restores the sunken areas of the skin. The production of collagen from these threads helps to restore volume and improve the overall skin’s texture and elasticity.

Some areas which can be treated PDO thread lift?

Our PDO thread lift treatments are customized to each client’s face, skin texture, and aesthetic goals. Many different areas can be treated with PDO threads, some of which include:
• Eyes and eyebrows
• Under the eyes area
• Crow’s feet
• Jowls
• Jawline
• Nasolabial folds
• Marionette lines
• Cheeks
• Double chin
• Neck

What is the recovery time of the treatment?

Results after a PDO thread lift treatment are visible immediately. You will notice visibly lifted and tighter skin after your appointment. While it may look dramatic at first, it will soften and look more natural. The results from a PDO thread lift can last anywhere up to 12 months after your initial treatment.
The main factors on how long the treatment may last will depend on how the body produces new, healthy collagen, as well as the protein responsible for plumping up your cheeks while filling out your fine lines and wrinkles.
On average, our patients will need a recovery period of about two weeks, the majority of the after-treatment restrictions and limitations will apply for the first 24 to 72 hours.
If you have been interested in a natural facelift that doesn’t involve surgical or invasive procedures, a PDO thread lift may be the treatment option for you! Contact us today to learn more, and see if this treatment will work for you. For more information, call us or book an appointment online. We serve clients from Cleveland OH, North Olmsted OH, Olmsted Falls OH, North Ridgeville OH, Bay Village OH, Lakewood OH, Berea OH, Brooklyn OH, and BEYOND.